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Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the initial cost?


Initial costs include 1 month rent/utility bill, security deposit, fire insurance fee, and processing fee. No Key money or brokerage fee required.


What are the qualifications?


We do not limit qualifications regarding nationality/occupation.


Is a guarantor required?


In general, we do not require a guarantor. At the time of signing the lease contract, you will be required to have an ID and a seal. (Passports, alien registeration and Visa with residence status is required for expats at the time of contract)


I am still in the process of finding a job. Can I still move into Lucia House Tsukiji?


We do not have such limitations regarding what type of occupation the considering tenant, but we will have qualifications check based on our company guidelines.


What is the average length of the residence that stay at Lucia House Tsukiji?

The length varies among residences. It varies from 6 months to few years.



Can I reside less than a month?


Unfortunately, we do not allow short-term stays. Contracts at Lucia House Tsukiji are from 3 months.


What are the average age of the residence?


Most of the residents age varies mainly from 20's~30's.


Can I apply without a tour?


In general, we have our considering tenants have a tour before signing the lease contract. For those who live abroad/far from Lucia House Tsukiji, we conduct a qualification screening through documents based on our company guidelines. After the qualification requirements are met, we 2 have month trial stay for our expat residents.


Is it possible to reserve a room?


Yes, we accept reservations 1 month prior to the move-in date. You will need to pay 30,000 yen deposit. The deposit will be cancellation fee, if the rooms are cancelled.


Can I move in immediately after the tour?

No. The payment of intial cost (processing fee, 1st month rent & utility, and deposit) and signing of the contract must be finished before the move-in.


How do I pay my rent?


Rent shall be paid through bank transfer on the 28th of each month. The resident shall have a domestic bank account in Japan.


How do I manage my valuables and personal belongings?


All private rooms doors are locked by key. Also, all floors come with large size locker for storage and valuables. Please note that valuables and personal belongings shall be managed at your own risk.


Do I prepare the Beddings ourselves?


We do not provide any bedding. Please prepare the beddings yourselves.


Is Internet free?


Internet fee is included in the Common fee. Wireless Wi-fi internet connection is available in the private rooms. Also, there is a Windows Laptop PC located in the living room for our residence.


Is there a curfew or lights out time?

There are no set rules regarding curfew・lights out, but we ask the residents to be quiet after 23:00 inside the private and living room.


Is there parking for car/bicycle available?

Yes. We both have car/bicycle parking (monthly charge). (For availability, please contact us through the Contact Form


What are the house rules?


Basic rules at Lucia House Tsukiji are no smoking inside the house, no usage of fire other than the kitchen area, no men allowed inside the house, and resident's duty to take out the trash.


Is there anything to keep in mind before living with others at Lucia House Tsukiji?


We do not particularly have rules, but please consider the following to be able to live together comfortably among residents. 1.) Early morning/Late Night household noises (TV, talking, music, alarm, and etc.) 2.) proper use/care of household facilities 3.) we ask residents to do household chores and cleanups in the common areas/living room, and finally, 4.) sharing of cooking ware, tableware, PC, and etc.


What do I need upon moving in?


Common areas such as the living room are equipped with TV, furnitures, and etc., but other furnitures and equipments are at personal expense. As for the damages made upon the furninshings and equipments owned by the company will be charged to whom the damages were caused by. Lastly, upon move-out, please discard all equipments and furnitures that was brought in at the time of move-in.


How do I pay for my utility bills?


All utility, internet, and housekeeping fee is part of the common fees. Please note that there maybe a review in utility bill based on over-usage and rise in other utility bills.


What is the minimum notice I should give the management upon move-out?

Please contact the management 1 month before your departure. If the notification given to the management is less than a month, residents will need to pay one month worth of rent/utility bill from the day the notification was given.

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